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  I am going to write about my best friend, Karna .
  He and I first met, when I went to Maidan village for the first time. Both Karna and I were 15 years old and very soon we had a special bond between us. He became a really good friend of mine. Having been the same age, Karna and me had  a huge difference between us. Living in a remote village of Nepal, like many others, Karna was already married and they were expecting their first baby.
  Maidan village’s altitude is around  2000 m and it’s mostly cold all the year round. For my visit to Maidan I had bought a windbreaker which cost me around Rs500 ($6).  It was very cold during  March but Karna was wearing shorts and T-shirts. I wondered if he was feeling cold so I asked him “ Aren’t you feeling cold?” He replied, “Yes, It’s cold”. I told  him to go back home and wear warm clothes but he said he had none. Never in my life had I imagined that the people living there wouldn’t have warm clothes. Even when saying that Karna had a smile on his face but I knew deep            inside he was sad.
  On the last day of my stay in Maidan I gave Karna my windbreaker as my token of love for our friendship. He was very happy and thanked me. We promised  to meet again and departed till my next visit.
   After 5month, I went to that village again. I was looking forward to seeing him.
I arrived the village and I started  talking with village people. But at the Greek calends he did not come to my place, so I asked villagers where Karna is? Then one man sadly said Karna is not in this village. “Karma is not in this village?” I couldn’t understand what he said, so I asked him in detail. Another man said he went to Malaysia to work.
  When he was leaving Nepal for Malaysia  he told the villagers that “my best friend gave me this jacket which truly matters to me” . It’s hard to describe in words how I felt at that point. It was one of the heartbreaking moments of stay in Nepal.
    A lot of people work in other countries in search of work to save their family from poverty and as once they go abroad they can’t  come back  Nepal for few years. Karna also has the same story. He will come back  Nepal after 3years!  I was shocked about his life. He and my age are same but life is much different. He is just 15years old…
  Working  abroad is very hard to them.  Salary is very low for guest workers. Their stay with that money in Malaysia is very difficult  but they have to send money to   their families and besides save a few for themselves as well.
   In one corner of my head I had the informations about guest workers in other countries but sadly now I know the truth that it’s real. It must have been a very big problem for my Dear friend who is as the same old as I am but is having so much difficulties. Then I realized I was a very lucky boy. We always have lots of complains about our life. We complain about everything , but can you ever imagine a life like Karna’s?  Would you ever complain?  Not everyone in this world has dream, nor they can ever think of one. It’s one of the saddest parts of one’s life not being able to   dream or dreaming something which will never be fulfilled.
  Now you may realize how lucky you are because someone else in this world would do anything for a life like yours.

Dear my friend Karna
You are making furniture every day to feed your family.
I always remember you. Your smile, your kindness…
When I think about  your family and you I always feel sad.
Your child is born. When you are come back Nepal he will grow up into a big boy.
I heard that you took my token of friendship to Malaysia.
I, the villagers and your family are waiting for you.
Take care about yourself. Come back soon with your healthy body!
 I am looking forward to seeing you again!

Your friend
Yoshiki seki                      

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